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Get Fast Payday Loans even with No Bank Account

Loans with no bank account

How to get a loan with no bank account?

If you don’t have a single bank account, the options for taking out a loan may not be as numerous as with an open bank account. However, you can still get a Fast Payday loan online using other offers that don’t require a bank account.

Can I get a loan with no bank account?

Short-term same day Payday loans do not require a bank account. These include payday loans, car loans, debit cards, and others. However, payday loans have higher interest rates and are therefore more expensive. If you have a good credit history, you can get a loan with a good rate.

Why do lenders need a bank account?

Lenders need to know whether you are ready to pay the loan on time or not. A bank statement will give this information about you. The lender also needs your bank account to transfer your money quickly. Lenders have a system for collecting payments and issuing credit, called ACH. Having a bank account guarantees you approval and good credit rates.

How do I choose a suitable loan option?

Answer these questions to find out which loan is best for you:

  1.  Are you willing to use your car as collateral?
  • Yes. Consider a car loan.
  • No. You don't need a car loan.
  1. Are you willing to give up valuable things: jewelry or equipment?
  • Yes. Take a loan from a pawn shop, leaving things as collateral.
  • No. You don't need a loan from a pawn shop.
  1. Are you willing to give bitcoins?
  • Yes. Pay attention to the credit in cryptocurrency or bitcoin credit.
  • No. You can get a bitcoin loan without a bank account. Buy cryptocurrency by paying with a debit card.

What are the options for getting a loan with no bank account?

Without a bank account, only short-term loans are available to you. Some of them require a Deposit, but there are those who do not need a Deposit.

Loans to CDFI

You can get a payday loan from a public development financial institution – CDFI. These are non-trading organizations that are created to serve disadvantaged areas. In such organizations, you can get a more profitable loan, which doesn’t require a bank account. However, there are few such institutions. Not every state has a CDFI, and if they do, they are hard to find. But if you can find a CDFI, you can get a good loan.

Credit in a pawn shop

Some pawn shops allow you to keep your personal valuables as collateral instead of selling them. Therefore, you can borrow from 25% to 60% of the pre-sale price of your valuables. You can negotiate a convenient rate for you, pay off the loan after 30 days and get your items back.

Credit in cryptocurrency

This loan option offers to repay the loan in cryptocurrency, via the Btcpop platform. Neither the bank nor the lender is involved in the cryptocurrency loan, only the investors who collect payments and Finance the loans. If you have already worked with bitcoins and know all their pitfalls, then this is probably the best loan for you. However, if you have never encountered bitcoins and do not know how they work, then this is not for you, because the value of bitcoin is very variable, and the government sees bitcoin as securities, not a currency. Also, bitcoin investors are located abroad, which makes credit in the cryptocurrency vulnerable to fraud.

Debit card credit

This loan option offers you to take out a loan and get money to your debit card, which you can get by mail or at the office. However, the lender will be interested in your credit history, but you will not need a bank account to withdraw and Deposit money. Most creditors who receive money on a debit card work according to the system of payday loans. Therefore, debit card loans use the same conditions as in payday loans. Ask the lender for all the details and terms of the loan.

Fast Payday loans online

These loans are common, as they are used by both people with a bad credit history and without a bank account. The lender will allow you to return or collect your money by wire transfer or in cash if you apply in person. Approval for a pre-payday loan depends on the amount you want to borrow. If your amount is more than 1000$, you can easily borrow the amount with a pre-agreed Commission, and return it after 30 days. However, payday loans may not be available in your state. Find out all the details in advance from the lender.

Car loan

This loan option offers you to leave your car as collateral. This way, you can borrow from 25% to 50% of the pre-sale price of your car. You can find loans that give out 90% of the cost of your car. To get a car loan, you need to deposit the ownership of your car, not the car itself. Therefore, you can use the car even after taking out a loan. But if you fail to pay off the loan, your car will no longer belong to you. The deposit of your car guarantees the lender that you will try to repay the loan. Find out all the details from the lender before taking out a car loan.

  1. Are you ready to open a bank account?
  • Yes. The bank should have service options for you, even if you are unemployed, your current bank account is blocked, or you are retired.
  • No. You can use credit options without a bank account.

What are the alternatives to a bank account?

There are a couple of options if you can't open a bank account.

  • Current account without Commission

Some banks do not charge fees for cash withdrawals, loans, international money transfers, or monthly maintenance. Banks can ask for an initial Deposit or a minimum income. They may be at least 5$, but you should learn more about the requirements for opening a bank account.

  • Savings account

If you have a savings account, some lenders are ready to provide you with a loan, with the condition that you accept your paid funds. Therefore, you can even earn money from the funds stored there. But due to constant withdrawals, you will be charged a commission.

How do I open a bank account?

Not all banks have high fees when opening a bank account. You can avoid commissions or pay less by selecting the appropriate bank. A bank account will allow you to get with low fees and rates. Explore the possibilities of different banks and choose the appropriate bank. You may need to pay the minimum monthly maintenance fee or make free withdrawals from foreign ATMs.

After you find the right bank:

  1. Prepare the documents
  • Identity card: passport, driver's license or insurance.
  • Utility bill or rent to confirm the address.
  • Money to open an account from 25$ to 100$.

You can open an account online by scanning documents and depositing the amount using a card or transfer.

  1. Fill out the application form - The bank will perform a credit check and credit history. If the bank approves your application, you will receive your bank account with all the information.
  2. Read all documents, especially the small print - Opening a bank account allows you to manage money not only for you. Read all the documents and find out if you understand everything correctly.
  3. Manage your account - After opening a bank account, register in the app or on the bank's website. This way you can control your expenses and make payments without fear of overspending your account.

Why don't Americans open a bank account?

In fact, according to the FDIC, Americans without a bank account are less than 10%. About 20% use money transfers, payday loans, and check cashing, in addition to an open bank account.

Reasons why Americans don't open a bank account - based on the survey FDIC:

  1. Not enough money to open the account of – 37.8%.
  2. The lack of confidence in the banks of – 10.9%.
  3. Other – 10.3%.
  4. The Commission is too high – 9.4%.
  5. Problems with past Bank accounts, low loans or lack of ID – 5.7%.
  6. Privacy Issues – 3.4%
  7. Bad hours – 3.3%.
  8. No Bank branches nearby – 2%.
  9. Unplanned Bank charges – 1.9%.
  10. Banks do not offer the necessary services – 1.3%.


You can get a loan without a bank account by taking a loan with car collateral, a loan in cryptocurrency, or a loan at a pawn shop. Also choose an alternative to a bank account. It is important for lenders to have an active account for checking finances, payments, and deposits.


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